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Excavation for Road Construction

At Malone Homes, our excavation services include excavation for road construction in both Maryland and Delaware. We are involved in all areas of road construction and planning, including excavation and earth movement to compaction. We also provide cleaning and grubbing, base and asphalt paving, grade work, curbing and storm drainage. From major commercial projects to complete neighborhood layout and development, Malone Homes adapts to each site and project.

Recent Projects

Sandywood Estates

Recently our team underwent a road construction project for Sandywood Estates, a housing development in Parsonsburg, Maryland. For more on the excavation project, take a look at our photo gallery.

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Deer Creek Development

One of our recent roadwork projects was an extensive excavation for road construction for our Deer Creek Development:

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  • a-dsc07541
  • a-dsc07500
  • dsc07823
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